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Alexander Keller

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Senior Picture

It's the craziest thing ever to have a senior page.
How did this happen?
Pretty crazy.
4 more weeks of high school.
Leaving the country for most of the summer.
Going to college in a couple months.
My last coffee house was on friday.
That was really overwhelming. Just being there when it was finished with everyone milling about. Being the last act was probably what made it too much. Combination of nerves and closure.
I need to get my yearbook signed by everyone going on senior project, but that means I have to sign theirs, and there are just a lot of people that are going so soon.
I understand now, friends who have already graduated. It's crazy. I never understood how strange and chaotic and everywhere you felt until now.
I'm reassured since, I think, all of you are doing well wherever you happened to end up and be doing with yourselves. Soon I'll be there too. However, there are many places left yet to go before there, and it will be one hell of a summer, I'm sure.
I'll finally get to be a foreigner! I'll be just like you, Саша.
Maybe I'll get mugged. Maybe I'll just have a filthy good time. We'll see.
Flamenco, qué bonito, ¿no?
El concierto fue muy diveritdo y emocionado y bonito.
No puedo estudiar español en mi primero semetre de universidad, pero después voy a estudiarlo.
Deja vu. Weird. That's been happening a bunch lately.
Well, we'll see.
I think I'll be writing on here as I go throughout the world since it's the best form of communication to all my friends since they've abandoned facebook? (or never had it to begin with, Sebastian you trend starter)